Total Lift Cages, Inc.
Tarps Cages®

THE source for PATENTED dead-space-eliminating subsurface pump standing valve cages.

All pumps MUST have a standing valve cage, why not use one that ELIMINATES A PROBLEM?

Tarps Cages® are designed for:

  1. Alternate pattern balls used, creating more area inside cages for gas & fluid to pass, insuring faster ball to seat return.
  2. Standing valve ball & seat moved upwards inside lower pump barrel threads, placing travel valve and standing valve as close as possible on pump downstroke, therefore eliminating dead space between ball & seats, therefore on pump downstroke all products, gas & fluids are displaced above travel valve ready to be lifted next upstroke insuring maximum pump efficiency per stroke.
  3. Maximum efficiency per stroke X strokes per minute X 60 minutes per hour = maximum product moved per hour. Maximum product moved per hour = Producer should be able to take time off pumping cycle to efficiently produce well, reducing lifting cost per well per day.

These cages have been tested to 10,000 feet.